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Thrust Bearing Blocks for T-Rex 600N - Product Image

Thrust Bearing Blocks for T-Rex 600N

The new G-Force bearing blocks include both radial and thrust bearings in a single package.

G-Force is proud to be the first to take full advantage of the thrust bearings by including them commercially as a performance upgrade in our bearing blocks.

G-Force designed a separating wall to keep all the thrust loads away from the radial bearing. The radial bearing will rotate independent of the thrust bearings.

Designed with the 3D pilot in mind, you can fly your 600N even harder without fear of damaging your radial bearings.

New V2 version has been beefed up and now works with the new Align's elevator "A" arms. Again, G-Force was the first to offer this improvement.

SKU Number: GFT6188
Price:   $49.00