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SwashPro 450/500 - Product Image

SwashPro 450/500

The new G-Force swashplate tool incorporates the flexibility to be adjustable to accommodate the large range of swash types now found in today’s 450 and 500 sized helis.

Special main shaft block that incorporates 5mm hole for 450 size heli and 8mm hole for 500 size heli.

The adjustable pads are oversized to work on swash types from 120, 135 and 140 degree CCPM swashplates. The elevator pad has been notched to allow the swash tool to self-center onto the swashplate and prevent rotation during the setup of the swashplate.


G-Force SwashPro 450/500 size (Part# GFA7098)(Patent Pending)
- Main shaft block for 5mm and 8mm mainshafts
- Oversized and adjustable pads for elevator and aileron linkages
- Elevator pad has anti-rotation feature
- Works with anti-rotation and “A” style elevator arms

SKU Number: GFA7098
Price:   $38.00