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R90 Flybarred Symetrical 3D Grip Plates - Product Image

R90 Flybarred Symetrical 3D Grip Plates

The G-Force 3D Main Blade Grip Conversion enables any Raptor 90 SE, STD or 3D that is equipped with the TT SE aluminum main blade grips, to have full symmetrical pitch control for 3D flying. The current Raptor 90SE main rotor plates are designed such that at full negative pitch, the linkage control rods will over travel. The G-Force 3D symmetrical performance main grip plates correct this for 3D flying, giving your Raptor 90 equal plus or minus blade collective pitch.

*** These should not to be used for flybarless tuner head as it will have much lower resolution ***

Complete installation instructions included.

Does not include the blade grip itself.
Uses the original two TT radial bearings M8x 16 x 5mm.

SKU Number: GFR9066
Price:   $33.00