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R50 Tuner Head for R30/50, E550/E620E - Product Image

R50 Tuner Head for R30/50, E550/E620E

G-Force R30/50, E550/E620SE Tuner Head:

. Uses standard o-rings for easy tuning and consistent dampening.
. Triple bolt for rigid head mounting.
. Triple o-rings per side of the head.
. Two mounting bolts head button to eliminate loss.
. Adjustable phase block.
. Robust design for zero flex in hard 3D flying
. Kit includes o-rings for normal and 3D flying.
. Uses the d4xD8xW3 seesaw bearings from your original head.
. Works with both TT plastic and metal blade grips.

SKU Number: GFR5060
Price:   $89.00