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ProStart  - Product Image


The G-Force ProStart (patent pending) is an anti-shock drill/driver adaptor which is designed to isolate the shock generated from the cordless drill/driver’s from getting to the heli’s engine drive train. The G-Force ProStart uses dampers that isolate the shock from the cordless drill/driver to the nitro engine and the heli clutch system. The G-Force ProStart also incorporates additional dampers to soak the wobble vibration that can occur from long 6mm hex starter wands.

The G-Force ProStart will work with most of today’s starter wands. The G-Force ProStart has a standard 7mm hole for accepting the common 6mm hex starter wands.

Important Note: The Thunder Tiger starter shaft with a 6mm hex and a 7mm shaft diameter from Thunder Tiger TTR3801 is ideal for the ProStart because it has a flat already milled onto the end to prevent slippage.

If you currently have a 8mm or 5/6 clamp-on style 6mm hex end starter wand, you need to order one of the following shaft adapters.

GFA7067 8mm adaptor shaft
GFA7068 5/16 adaptor shaft

Cordless drill/driver requirements:
Torque Rated: 200 in-lb for 50size
Torque Rated: 400 in-lb for 90size
RPM: 1200 to 1400

SKU Number: GFA7066
Price:   $65.00