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Neckstrap Adapter for Spektrum DX7s, DX8 and DX9 - Product Image

Neckstrap Adapter for Spektrum DX7s, DX8 and DX9

Based on the G-Force designed balancers developed for the DX7 and JR9503 radios many years ago (GFA7000), the G-Force re-designed new radio balancer (GFA7009) is specific for the new generation DX7s, DX8 and DX9, which now have sideways-actuated on/off power switch. 


The G-Force Neckstrap Balancer for the DX7s, DX8 and DX9 has great styling to match the radio and an extra low profile enabling the radio to fit into any carrying case.  The G-Force Neckstrap Balancer tilts the radio a slight downward angle, making it perfect for pinch or thumb pilots.


-Low profile
-Easy acesss to on/off switch
-Perfect balancing of transmitter
-Styling blends with radio

SKU Number: GFA7009
Price:   $17.00