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HE V2 Fan for T-Rex 600N - Product Image

HE V2 Fan for T-Rex 600N

G-Force HE V2 (High Efficiency) fan for the T-Rex 600N:

. 12 blade configuration in a HE V2 (high efficiency) design for more power output with minimal loading to the engine power and to provide sufficient cooling.

. Dual magnet pockets are milled into each side of the fan to ensure governor magnets stay secured in them and allow bonding agent to fully anchor them. Uses Futaba GV-1 magnets.

. Beefed up rim to allow the fan to rotate over 17,000 rpm without distortion.

. Fan design has been configured to allow the fan to fit perfectly in the fan shroud

. Anodized finish for durability and good looks

SKU Number: GFT6110
Price:   $39.00