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G-Force TunerArms (Mixing and Washout) - Product Image

G-Force TunerArms (Mixing and Washout)

The new G-Force Tuner mixing and washout arms (part# GFT7126) have been designed to enable the T-Rex 700N rotor head to be programmable for extra stable to extra responsive performance. Pilots that use their 700N for AP or F3C can now set the head to be extra stable, while 3D pilots can go aggressive with the programming.

To handle the extra cyclic that the new Tuner arms will provide to the 700N, G-Force has also made available a new hi-tilt flybar cage conversion (part# GFT7128), that has been beefed up to utilize the full potential of the new arms; as well as handling the hardest 3D flying conditions.

Installation instructions included.

(requires original M3X7x3mm bearings and alum collars from the stock arms)

SKU Number: GFT7126
Price:   $59.00