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G-Force Hirobo SDX Tuner Head - Product Image

G-Force Hirobo SDX Tuner Head

The G-Force SDX tuner head is CNC metal head conversion for the Hirobo SDX. This is not just a metal conversion, it is an all out high performance tunable head. The G-Force tuner head for the SDX uses the latest quad o-ring damper for each blade grip, designed for the ultimate in head dampening adjustability.

G-Force used triple o-ring dampers for each blade grip in our 50 and 90 sized tuner heads a few years ago. Now to innovate again, the quad is our latest development from our line of tuner heads. It offers even greater performance geared for today's pilots who demand even better 3D performance.

G-Force tuner head for the Hirobo SDX utilizes combinations of 70 and 90 durometer o-ring dampers, making the SDX tunable from F3C all to way to super extreme 3D flying response. G-Force tuner head includes a pre-tapped 3mm hole for a button head (not included).

- Includes complete installation instructions
- Package of 70 duro oring dampers (8 pieces)
- Package of 90 duro oring dampers (8 pieces)

SKU Number: GFH8000
Price:   $59.00