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4-in-1 Spindle Tool - Product Image

4-in-1 Spindle Tool

This unique G-Force 4-in-1 Spindle Tool has the ability to support all of today’s spindle sizes in one single product, which works on all 450 to 90 size RC helicopters. The G-Force 4-in-1 Spindle Tool includes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm holes in a single unit, with a full circumference clamping power for superior gripping. CNC precision machined from T6-6061 aluminum, means this tool will never mark or scratch the spindle surface, even in the event of a stubborn spindle shaft that has been assembled with red thread locker. The other great feature is the ability to rotate the fastener in either direction, while the spindle shaft is still clamped in the G-Force 4-in-1 Spindle Tool
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Price:   $23.00