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135ccpm Conversion for Vibe 50 - Product Image

135ccpm Conversion for Vibe 50

The G-Force 135ccpm upgrade converts the 120/140 JR Vibe 50 swash system so all cyclic inputs, collective, aileron and elevator will be equal with zero interaction mechanically.

Now no matter how hard you toss the Vibe 50 in sky or how fast you move the sticks, the Vibe 50 will track perfectly at all times.

The G-Force 135ccpm conversion is ideal for flybarless setups where mechanically the head is perfect without the need for software to compensate. Flybar based heads will benefit the most.

This conversion will work with any transmitter using 120ccpm mode with a simple mix programming. Our installation instructions will show you how to setup the 135ccpm system and program your transmitter.

Complete installation instructions.

(not included is assembled swashplate shown in picture)

SKU Number: GFV5014
Price:   $29.00